Extreme Metal Music from San Diego, California, USA

Temblad present… NEVERCROWN… 14 tracks of Extreme Metal Music

Released in April, 2016.

Lorenzo Kemp – Vocals and Guitars.

Marlon Matthew – Drums and Vocals.

Drums recorded by Patrick Heaney & Marshall Wilcoxson. Phaser Control Recording Studio, SD, 2015.

Guitars and vocals recorded by Lorenzo Kemp at Grindzik, SD, 2015-2016.

Mixed and mastered by Niko Hyvonen at NH, Oulu, Finland, 2016.

Cover art by Sebastian Mazuera.

Extreme Metal Music

Nevercrown lyric video now available on Youtube.

We also released our first EP of extreme metal music, “Mockery of the Fanatic”, back in August, 2011.

Released August 2, 2011.

Lorenzo Kemp – Vocals, Guitars, Bass

Marlon Matthew – Drums, Background Vocals

Composed by Lorenzo Kemp.
Lyrics written by Lorenzo Kemp and Marlon Matthew.

Recorded at Grindzik, San Diego, California.
Produced by Lorenzo Kemp and Marlon Matthew.
Engineered by Lorenzo Kemp.
Mastered by Ed Talorda.

Art and logo by Sebastian Mazuera.

Temblad Extreme Metal Music San Diego California USA

“This is perfect music for repeatedly punching someone in the face, ritual sacrifice or preparing to jump out of a speeding plane into a volcano.”
– Scott McDonald (San Diego CityBeat)

“Caught somewhere between thrash, grindcore, and dizzying death metal, Temblad is the sound of a fever dream right before running to the bathroom to vomit. It is awesome.”
– Kaptain Carbon (PinPointMusic.com)

“…full of pure, raw energy that hasn’t been heard since the early days of thrash.”
– Kevin Wierzbicki (AntiMusic.com)

“If you name your band after the imperative mood of the Spanish verb “Tremble” you better back it up with some appropriate music. Fortunately, these guys from San Diego, USA, proved themselves worthy of their name with their brand of aggressive thrash combined with grind, death and groove flavours.”
– Mr. Doctor (MetalStorm.net)

“…after prolonged listening blood starts to shoot out from my eyes and ears. And let me tell ya from experience blood is hard to clean up. TEMBLAD must know all about that since to practice intense music at this level of technical proficiency must leave their hands bloody.”

“…proving yet again that the underground is a mighty and prevalent force that will continue to grow into a monster that can no longer be contained.”
– Dan McGarry (UnhallowedNation.com)

“…barrages the listener with well executed style combinations and pure adrenaline with a commanding force backing it up.”
– Apoch’s Metal Review (apochs.net)

Thanks to Scott Clift and Corinna Gregory for the live shots used in the header image!

Contact us at temblad@gmail.com

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Temblad Extreme Metal Music San Diego California USATemblad Extreme Metal Music San Diego California USA