Photo by Brian Parker

Temblad was formed in San Diego in 2010 by guitarist/vocalist Lorenzo Kemp and drummer Marlon Matthew, who both share a mutual respect for extreme music in its many forms. The moniker originates from Old Castilian, which commands one to tremble. Bassist Matt Ponder joined in 2022, bringing the group to its current formation.

Their EP released in 2011, titled Mockery of the Fanatic, contains lyrics and imagery which decry the fanatical workings of religious extremism. Released in 2016, the debut full-length Nevercrown displays variations in death metal, thrash and grind styles while expanding upon the lyrical and artistic content that was expressed in the EP.

In 2023, Hallucignosis is released. Shifting from the anti-fundamentalist theme of before, the album title and concept describes the mutation of the human mind through hallucinogenic methods to attain death of the ego, reaching clandestine perception. In a direction more harsh and foreboding, Hallucignosis plunges from its first note into a pit of intricate riffs, relentless blasts, and averse vocalizations… witness bedlam!
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