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Lorenzo Kemp. Picture by Isa Conde.

Lorenzo Kemp

Vocals, Guitar

Top 5 Influences:

Albert King


Black Sabbath

Morbid Angel

Deathspell Omega


Native of the Mexican region of Sinaloa, Kemp got his first electric guitar at the age of 11.  First of all, he developed an appreciation for hard rock and heavy metal. Kemp was obsessed with bands such as AC/DC and Scorpions. He also became fascinated with very heavy guitar sounds and fast paced thrash. Eventually, thrash metal ascended to become an art form of world-wide acclaim. As a result, the inevitability of its bestial grip grabbed hold of this young metal disciple through a rite of passage into the metal pantheon. Since then, the tumultuous voyage through the underworld of extreme metal continues to this day.

Ninth Level & Man Destroys Himself

In 1998 he formed Ninth Level, a progressive death metal band, with bassist Ben Richardson. While the band signed a 2-record deal with The End records in 2000, they were unable to hold a stable line-up throughout the years. Eventually, this caused the band to break up for good in 2004.

In 2002, while in Ninth Level, Lorenzo was invited to join a death grind band from Tecate, Mexico called Man Destroys Himself. He handled bass duties for 2 years and then took over lead guitar and song writing duties. The band played numerous gigs throughout the border cities across the California regions in both Mexico and the USA.

In 2004, MDH went on tour across Mexico with thrashers Profanator. In 2007, the band was also invited to play the first ever held California Death Fest in Fresno. Since its inception, Man Destroys Himself has recorded 2 demos (one of those demos are here), appeared in several splits and compilations and released a 6 song EP in 2007.

Other recorded works by Kemp

In conclusion, Kemp currently records for Temblad and other projects at his personal studio, Grindzik. Check out some of his recordings on his Soundcloud page.


Temblad Extreme Metal Music San Diego California USA
Marlon Matthew. Picture by Isa Conde

Marlon Matthew

Drums, Vocals

Top 5 Influences:



Sunny Day Real Estate


Cannibal Corpse


Marlon Matthew started playing the drums around 1996, but he always had a desire to bang on shit. It wasn’t until the death of his father when the need to play music as an emotional outlet became an absolute necessity. Hence, he played in a couple punk and post hardcore groups throughout his high school years. As a result, he was able to build a decent foundation of percussive talent which was built upon in the years ahead.

Subterranean Horses & Damnation

Eventually in 2001, he co-founded the San Diego “Full Contact Rock n’ Roll” group Subterranean Horses. While they only lasted little more than a year or two, they attracted a notable buzz in the local punk rock scene. In addition, the rock quartet also released a demo.

In 2002, Matthew joined San Diego progressive death/thrash metal group Damnation. “Spineless Skies” is the title of their self-released LP that was released in 2005. Also, Damnation played many shows locally and one time opened for Deicide. While Damnation gave Matthew the opportunity to hone his skills behind the kit playing the music he cherished most of all, eventually he left the group due to personal differences.

The Fascination & Love, the City and Space

Between 2007 and 2012, Matthew was the second drummer for San Diego dance rock group The Fascination. They self-released an EP titled “We Can Take Care Of Our Own“. In addition, Matthew played in San Diego rock group Love, the City and Space, who also self-released an EP.

Other recorded works by Matthew

In conclusion, Matthew is currently recording drums for Temblad, (jazz metal from San Diego), and Karcist (black/death metal from San Diego and Los Angeles). During his time, he enjoys Kung Fu classes and helping others with their websites/online marketing.

His YouTube channel, where most of all one would find drum covers of classic death and thrash metal: MBMdrums666

Also, check out his Instagram: thedrumcoach


Temblad Extreme Metal Music San Diego California USA
Kyle Netland. Picture by Arline Rose.

Kyle Netland


Top 5 Influences:





Morbid Angel



Temblad Extreme Metal Music San Diego California USA
David Calhoun

Dave Calhoun


Top 5 Influences:

The Destruction of the Holy Lands

The Raping of the Innocent



Endless Rotting


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