Humble beginnings of San Diego metal group Temblad

In MMX, Lorenzo Kemp and Marlon Matthew created the San Diego metal group Temblad. The moniker is derived from Old Castilian verbification that commands one to tremble. Its utterance is also a behest to all with dread.

Temblad San Diego Extreme Metal California USA
From L to R: Lorenzo Kemp, Marlon Matthew.

From its inception, the two had a mutual respect for late 80’s and early 90’s death and thrash metal. Therefore, Matthew and Kemp set out to improvise extreme metal riffs at grinding fast tempos. The sonic bedlam of these primal sessions gave birth to a rhythmic ferocity. The boundaries of extreme music sub-genres were blurred. Consequently, in MMXI, the duo assembled compositions to record their debut EP, “Mockery of the Fanatic“.

The band showcased their extreme metal offerings through menacing live assaults in San Diego and Tijuana. The four piece consisted of members David Calhoun (bass), Kevork Sheohmelian (guitar) and Luis Soraire (bass). At different points in time, they all left the band amicably for personal reasons.

Temblad Extreme San Diego Metal California USA
From L to R: Dave Calhoun, Kevork Sheohmelian, Luis Soraire
An unwavering passion for extreme metal music

Kemp and Matthew did not settle for inactivity. They pressed forward playing live shows as a duo. The two also labored on their full-length album debut. Eventually, Temblad transitioned into becoming a three piece, adding bassist Nate Raaka. In early MMXVI, they released their full-length album Nevercrown. The album has received a positive response from both fans and extreme metal enthusiasts over the world.

Temblad Extreme San Diego Metal California USA
Nate Raaka
A new element of metal

Then, in MMXVI, new bassist Kyle Netland joined Temblad and brought a new source of energy to the band. Shortly after, original bass player David Calhoun stepped up to the plate and took on the role as Temblad’s second guitarist. Temblad once again is a four piece, upping the ante to deliver the most bludgeoning live performance.

Temblad Extreme San Diego Metal California USA
From L to R: Marlon Matthew, Kyle Netland, Lorenzo Kemp

An upcoming split with friends from another band in the San Diego metal scene is currently in the works. Additionally, Temblad have completed demo compositions for an entire album of new material. This collection of songs will display a different direction for the band. Hence, expect more vitriol and disdain than ever before. The San Diego metal scene and extreme metal maniacs across the globe shall tremble!

Temblad Extreme San Diego Metal California USA
From L to R: Dave Calhoun, Lorenzo Kemp. Photo by Yvonne Betancourt.

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Temblad Extreme San Diego Metal California USATemblad Extreme San Diego Metal California USA